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Indie, Pop

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Ziggy Alberts , Tyne-James Organ


Ed Sheeran , Ziggy Alberts , Tyne-James Organ


Jacob Fitzgerald is a Singer/Songwriter from Melbourne, Australia. With a upbeat personality, captivating stage presence, and a natural songwriting ability, Jacob is making his way into the music world with passion and his own unique style. Whether he is playing small intimate gigs, or large audience filled rooms, Jacob is always putting on a show with the intent of leaving his audiences dancing and and singing along with him. With his acoustic guitar and distinct vocal tone, Jacob performs his original music with class as well as adding his own twists on cover songs.

In late March 2018, Jacob released his debut single, 'Adore Ya', ultimately showing the world his songwriting ability, his music style and composition. 'Adore Ya'

Formerly playing both with his band ‘Westwood’ and now currently as a solo artist, Jacob has been playing music professionally for almost four years. In March 2017, Westwood released their self titled debut EP. Whilst the band is no longer togther, the 'Westwood EP' can be found on all major digital platforms.