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Roots, Indie

Sounds like

jewel kilcher, Stevie Nicks, Heather Nova

band members

Jacqui Sterling


Fleetwood Mac, Crowded House, Ani de Franco



Jacqui Sterling has built a strong following around Australia and Ireland for her classy accoustic soul music which is an eclectic blend of Progressive folk, celtic roots and storytelling. it is evident every time Jacqui performs that she is revisiting past inspirations for her songs and reliving the emotions of her life experience through song and storytelling. In this way Jacqui is able to take her audience on a deep journey of healing and connection. WIth hauntingly beautiful melodies and lyrics that will open hearts, bring mist to the eyes of most and at times get feet stomping and spirits flying. Jacqui's gypsy spirit has led her to live out her aspirations of playing her songs to audiences all over the world.. She has toured Australia many times as well as internationally performing through Europe (England, Ireland, France, Spain and Portugal.) She has played with and supported international Irish artists Declan O Rourke, Fionn Regan, Don Mescall, Mundy and Mark Black and Australias own Josh Pyke, Lanie Lane, Jordie Lane, Carus, Scarlett Affection, The lucky wonders to name a few.