Artist info


Pop, Indie

Sounds like

sia, Sarah McLachlan, Katie Noonan

band members

Jade Leonard - vocals, keys, songwriter


Stevie Wonder, I Blame CoCo, Koop


Joan of Arc debuted on the triple j unearthed charts on May 6 and peaked at #7 in it's second week. Thank you to everyone who voted for my tunes, I'm so grateful and inspired by your support. I want to get to Number 1 AND make my tunes the annoying hits on high rotation for the next 12 months. Life long dream. I live for music, it is the essence of my being and my way of communicating with the world. I am a singer, pianist, songwriter, performer and teacher. My every waking hour is spent making music in some way. I'm on iTunes, YouTube, Spotify, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Stalk away. If you like my tunes, consider getting the ringtones! oooEEEooo