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Roots, Indie

Sounds like

Kitty, Daisy & Lewis, Louis Prima, Puppini Sisters

band members

Vocals: Jade Leonard, Dolly Diamond & Luke Gallagher, Piano: Cameron Thomas, Guitar: Michelle Parsons, Bass: Gregory Craske, Drums: Sonja Horbelt, Harp: Luke Keogh.


Bessie Smith , Louis Armstrong, Bix Beiderbecke

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Jade Leonard


Can you believe that it is STILL illegal for gay and lesbian Australians to get married?! Neither can we! After attending many Equal Love rallies in support of marriage equality for the Australian gay and lesbian community, Jade Leonard decided something vital was missing. A theme song. Like Laverne and Shirley - they had a theme song. So Jade did it her way and made all her dreams come true by writing and recording Equal Love with a stellar musical line up. If you like the song and believe in equality for everyone, regardless of sexual diversity or gender identity, please play, rate and review Equal Love. We want to take it to #1 on the triple j unearthed charts! This time there's no stopping us! To further support the Equal Love equal marriage campaign, please purchase the MP3 or ringtone from iTunes. Your $1.69 contribution will go a long way to helping us keep up the fight for marriage equality in Australia. Check out the Official EQUAL LOVE Music Video on YouTube too! We're gonna make our dreams come true - and we'll do it our way.