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Indie, Pop

Sounds like

Meg Mac, Florence and the Machine, Fleetwood Mac,

band members

Jade Mills


Regina Spektor, Florence and the Machine, Joni Mitchell, Fleetwood Mac



Jade not Jane is a Brisbane based songwriter and performer that combines intimate stories, unforgettable melodies, and raw vocal passion that travels with you long after the music finishes.

Imagine being washed away and stranded in the middle of the ocean. You are emotional, hopeful, lost, reflective – add some acoustic instruments and synths and this is how Jade not Jane’s music will make you feel. Jade not Jane captures the intimate feelings and thoughts that are sometimes hard to express and weaves them together into a powerful and emotional experience.

Her upcoming release is about being in that one singular moment that doesn’t feel like anything else you have ever felt – that moment where you know nothing will ever be the same.

Co-Produced by Konstantin Kersting and Yanto Browning as a part of the artist development program ‘The Grid Series.’ Jade not Jane’s new single ‘Nothing Like This’ will be released in July 2019.