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Pop, Roots

Sounds like

Dave Matthews, John Mayer, David Gray

band members

James Sidebottom-vocals, guitar, Keys, Bass, Loops, Percussion, Love.


Sigur Ros, Sufjan Stevens, radiohead


"Songs with infectious melodies matched with intelligent, romantic lyrics” and “A voice suggesting Jeff Buckley, Pete Murray, Dave Matthews and Eddie Vedder" "the prodigiously talented singer/guitarist, James Sidebottom” - Billy Pinnell (Music Australia Guide) "Some serious blue eyed soul. So different. Fantastic." -Marcia Hines (Australian Music Icon, Australian Idol Judge) "Like finding an extra piece of chocolate in the fridge." -Kyle Sandilands (Austereo Radio DJ, Australian Idol Judge) "Great voice and he knows how to perform very very very well" -Ian "Dicko" Dickson (Australian Idol Judge) James Sidebottom is a Melbourne based singer songwriter originally from Ballarat. Having taught himself the guitar in high school, he set about honing his craft playing some of Melbourne’s most intimate and not so intimate stages. Fronting the band “Last Five Days” for a few years, he then set himself the challenge to play solo in 2007. Having quickly realised the perils of solo adventure, James’ live act became more focussed and sure footed. In 2008 James was headhunted to appear on the television show Australian Idol, and after impressing the judges with his "blue eyed soul" he was banished from the competition in an expletive-ridden bitter tirade by Ian Dickson for suggesting that winning the show "wasn't the be all and end all." Incorporating well honed personal lyrics, strong melodic vocal performance, interesting guitar manipulation and additional live guitar and vocal looping, James Sidebottom’s mix of acoustic folk pop is quickly gaining notoriety... In a good way. With a release scheduled for the back end of 2009, James may just be your new favourite artist. Billy Pinnell also reported James' band Last Five Days was "One of the discoveries of 2006" Check him out @