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Pop, Indie

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Morrissey, John Grant, People

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Solo, yo.


Amanda Palmer, John Grant, brendan maclean


"An outstanding performer. Delivers on entertaining and captivating level" ***** - My Inflated Ego "Yeah…" - My Sense Of Reality "Wait, what do you want me to say?" - Nanna Leahy Since he was wee young lad, James Leahy has been artist and entertainer wanting to please the masses and to create. At the age of 15, he performed an original piece he wrote to a small audience of parents and student, at a local school concert, which elevated him to showcase his artistry to a larger audience of parents and students at the local Sydney Town Hall. Since then, James has performed at smaller gigs and venues like the Sydney Opera House, Government House, The Sydney Museum of Contemporary Arts, streets of Circular Quay, Dog Parks of Newtown, Small Cafe's and The Backyard of People's Homes. At the late age of 16, James wrote and recorded his first EP release 'Upon An Origami' in August 2012. The collection of songs range stylistically from simple ukulele pop to alternative guitar-y rock. With all work and very promotion done, he sold very little of his self released work but was able to sneak it into the possessions of more acclaimed artists. Haven't heard a word back… yet. James has recently recorded new material to be released on upcoming projects soon to be released in 2013. His new EP is too be expected out 25th May with new sounds and new style variations of song of love, lost and self-indulgence.