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Sounds like

Chris Rea, Jeff Martin, nick drake

band members

Jamie Lockhart - guitar-vocals


pink floyd, Tom Waits, Led Zepplin


Jamie is an accomplished musician who has been playing and composing music for over twenty three years. A self taught guitarist Jamie has toured both nationally and internationally. Some career highlights have been: * Opening for the late Jeff Healy at the North by north east music festival in Toronto * Playing the Lava Lounge Hollywood LA * 6 week tour through Canada & America * Playing alongside legendary drummer Sam Carr (Buddy Guy’s drummer) at Hepburn Springs Victoria. * Dingo Creek jazz and blues festival * Esplanade Hotel (residency) St Kilda Melbourne Jamie has toured through most parts of Australia, has co-written and recorded on three albums with the last being his debut solo album Songs For The Brave. Jamie’s influences and musical styles cover a broad range from Robert Johnson to Pink Floyd with his playing style rooted in the blues. Jamie has recently completed his debut solo album "Songs For The Brave" an album that reflects the depth and passion Jamie has for music by using the rawness of his voice, the acoustic guitar and his unique style of song writing. A self taught guitarist Jamie's early influences were Eric Clapton and the early Cream recordings "I started playing the guitar at the age of 16 when my mum (and biggest fan) brought me home a flying v electric guitar. Once I plugged this into my stepfathers stereo, turned the volume up to 11 (much to my stepfathers horror) the seed was planted". Other major influences in the early part of Jamie's career were, Gary Moore, David Gilmour, Roy Buchanan, Mark Knopfler, Johnny Winter, but all this changed one cold Melbourne evening when in the car park of a Ringwood pub Jamie was introduce to Stevie Ray Vaughan, a guitarist that changed the way Jamie would hear, feel, and play his guitar for the next decade and beyond. "When I first heard the sound of Stevie Ray Vaughan I was completely blown away, I could not believe the sound intensity and energy SRV was getting out of his guitar, then when I heard his voice I thought here is a mighty powerhouse of a player who would be hard to better, to this day I have not heard anybody with his passion and energy". After moving out of his sleepy little hollow of Yarra Glen to the fast moving suburb of St Kilda Jamie's career started to take off as a key member and song writer in the band Lizzy Ray. Jamie and band would go on to secure a residency at the Espy hotel every Sunday afternoon where there blues soaked slide induced songs would thrill the audience. This band would end up touring through America, from Los Angeles to Detroit, and on to Canada where Jamie and band would open for the late Jeff Healy, who Jamie saw play at the Palace hotel Melbourne as a teenager and who also had a major influence on Jamie in the early days of his career. After the band broke up in a truly Spinal Tap 3am moment Jamie went solo. Until this point Jamie had been song writer electric guitarist but after swapping the electric guitar for an acoustic Jamie headed in a different direction moving toward singer/song writer, finding his voice and getting over the confrontation of singing in public Jamie went on to write the album Songs For The Brave which he officially released in March 2011.