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Indie, Pop, Rock, Roots

band members

James Batchler - Lead Vocals/Guitar Nathan Smith - Lead Guitar Gary Jessup - Bass Sean Davies - Drums


Jampot are a four-piece song writing tour de force based in the beautiful Sunshine coast hinterland. It was this idyllic setting and a touch of serendipity that brought together enigmatic wordsmith and guitarist James Batchler with metronomic rhythm master and multi-instrumentalist Sean Davies. Soon joined by the Monk of Funk Gary Jessup on Bass, the newly formed trio blended their contrasting styles into an organically wholesome brand of folk rock they could truly call their own. The sound developed further when guitarist Nathan Smith filled out the ranks with his individual style of Jazz bar rock adding new colour to this kaleidoscope of sound.
Singing in a pretence-less Aussie baritone, James is a captivating performer with his easy style offset by a mesmerising presence. This combined with a tight, refined rhythm section and thoughtful leads make for a show that is hard to look away from.
Whilst refining and recording their first full length, Jampot are now ready to take their unique sound beyond their cult following of “people in the know” and bring a bit of love to the mainstream.

Although preferring not to Pidgeon hole themselves into any particular genre, Jampot’s all-encompassing style has been described as Acoustic Punk, Country Funk, Conscientious Rock and even Stoner Folk for the Phonically Stoked!
Whatever you want to call it, Jampot’s thought provoking, feel-good vibe is contagious, and catching.

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