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Indie, Rock

Sounds like

Good question, if you've got any suggestions hit us up x

band members

Caelan Harwood, Harley Meszaros, Tannum Portelli and Tyla Vinter


Existential Angst, Anything that damages our liver, Cute bass players

Unearthed artists we like

The VANNS, Holy Holy , Hope D, Tyne-James Organ, Spacey Jane, PURSE


Jane Street

Strong impact coarse language and/or themes

25 Feb


Brisbane, 4006




Being formed in late 2019, indie four piece, Jane Street, have already begun captivating audiences with their unique sound. Describing themselves as a mixture of bad decisions and too much booze, their music style is hard to pinpoint. One minute they're playing an upbeat, reggae infused rock track about partying too much, the next their doing a stripped back acoustic ballad about the bittersweet end of a relationship. Their only constants are the lyrically driven, emotional stories they craft, and their searing guitar tones.

Caelan, Tannum and Harley have all known each other since they were 6 years old, with Caelan and Harley learning how to play their instruments together in primary school. Tannum on the other hand, picked up a bass for the first time a week before their first rehearsal as a favour to Caelan after he complained about being unable to find a bass player. They met Tyla after he responded to a Facebook ad.

Currently they have been working on the release of their debut EP, 'Dark', with the first single, 'Cheap Wine', scheduled to be released February of 2021.

Their single launch for Cheap Wine completely sold out.


Review by Steph Hughes Steph Hughes

30 Apr 2020

Triple J

Loving the fun and pace of this track, real nice garage sounds.

Loving the fun and pace of this track, real nice garage sounds.