Artist info


Indie, Rock

Sounds like

Yeah Yeah Yeahs, PJ Harvey, Beth Gibbons, Jeff Buckley

band members

Jantina - Singer & guitarist Dave Rock - Lead Guitarist Jesse Harrison - Bass Vel - Drum GOD


Practically everything, Radiohead, QOTSA, Nine Inch Nail



Jantina and the Jaguars. A band that isn't like anyone else, has the tunes
that capture you and take you somewhere, with talented musicians from mixed
genres coming together with the voice and heart of Jantina. The rock quartet
hail from Melbourne and deliver a driving melodic sound with tight rhythms,
layered guitars and powerful soulful vocals. JATJ have recorded and toured Ausrtalia several times, but more recently, have been in the studio with Adam Calaitzis of Toyland,
Melbourne, recording their latest 5 track EP. JATJ are excited to release their EP on vinyl as part of the upcoming tour with shows in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.