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David Bowie, Peter Gabriel, Paul McCartney

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Japetus (pron: JAY-pet-us) - All vocal, acoustic guitar, keyboards, drums and programming. Written and recorded by Japetus.


Elton John, pink floyd, U2



Note: the volume on their Player here is set to 50%. Japetus began as a studio artist in 1980 writing, recording and producing catchy, social comment Pop song demo tracks in his own studio and sending them out to record labels all over Australia and the world looking for an old-fashioned record contract. You can explore that time here After many years of interest from all the wrong people, with no label actually understanding what to do with his material, and after having a deep spiritual transformation in 1983, he began creating and releasing ambient New Age 'soundspaces' on his own label. From 1983 to 1997 he created 14 instrumental albums that take the listener on a profound transformational journey into inner space. Some of his albums in his Visionary Journeys catalogue have gone on to become New Age classics. In 1995 Japetus was commissioned to create the title theme and incidental music for a TV series called 'Yin, Yang and You' that was screened around the world (not Australia) including Asia, Europe and the Middle East up until 2010. Over the last ten years Japetus has been digitally remastering his ambient albums and making them available on his website and exclusively through iTunes. Lately, he filmed a DVD of nature footage shot in and around Byron Bay that he edited to some of the best-loved ambient tracks and released it locally as a relaxing DVD nature postcard - Visions of Byron. But behind the ambient scene, remastering the albums, multimedia work and creating DVDs, his first love - songs - was still calling and in those decades he wrote and recorded demo tracks for many new songs, even winning two North Coast 'Dolphin Awards' for early sketches of New Frontier and Angel. In 2009 his older brother and mentor died in a sudden bush accident and he spent a couple of years reorienting himself and finding direction but in 2011 Jay decided to record and release the new songs for what amounted to the official start of the New Age after the solstice event on December 21st 2012. He began recording in July 2012 after the Venus transit but with delays and problems it was obvious that it would not be ready for release until early 2013. So in November 2012 he was guided to release a first single to coincide with the 2012 Convergence. That song was 'Floating...' which went 'live' on iTunes on December 7th 2012. As they say... the rest is history... Also check out his earlier unreleased songs from the 80's that have also been uploaded to Unearthed as The Crazoids and