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Rock, Roots

Sounds like

Alice in Chains, In Flames, days of the new

band members

jared brentnall - acoustic guitar, beats & percussion, samples, hang drum, djembe. floyd bone - bass. peter clancy - electric guitar, percussion. brett cusack - electric guitar, djembe. bevan may - keys, melodica, glock, clarinet, piano accordian. damien bennett - tabla, trumpet, baglama saz, didge.


Alice in Chains, Tool, mogwai

Unearthed artists we like

SATED, The Rex Wicked, Tailbone


LISTEN TO THE FULL ALBUM HERE FOR FREE Six members strong, Jarek manage to produce some extremely chunky sounds throwing ambient and textural samples, clarinet, trumpet, melodica, didgeridoo, baglama saz, piano accordian, hang drum, glockenspiel, djembe and tabla into the mix atop of acoustic and electric guitars, bass, keys, kick drum and percussion. At times dark and intense and then surprisingly uplifting, Jarek are earthy and otherworldly with a lush textural blend of instruments that you feel like you could almost reach out and touch. Jarek released their debut album 'Space in Noise' in January 2010 consisting of 9 instrumental arrangements capturing their diverse yet unique blend of acoustic and electric instruments. Jarek have developed a reputation for visually and sonically captivating live performances so if you've been looking for a new band to obsess over, Jarek are it, and you may need to make some space in your calendar because Space In Noise will have you scrambling for the gig guide to catch them live. To hear some tracks from the album go to ... You can also see some clips and live footage at