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Indie, Pop


Allday, John Mayer, James Bay, Mac Miller, Dean Lewis, Tyne James Organ.



By jaye is a 20 year old authentic artist from Western Sydney with a heart for creating unique sounds. He was only 6 when he got his first guitar and has not put it down since. By jaye has done the whole pub/busk/cover thing throughout his entire youth, and he feels this the right time to share his notebook, melodies and passion for music with people who are willing to listen and hopefully relate to.

Falling somewhere in between alternative, pop, indie and singer song writer; by jaye has an eclectic taste in music and this is reflected in his songs. Some of his favourite bands and and artists range from Guns and Roses, Allday, John Mayer, Blink 182, Harry Styles and Tyler the Creator.

His debute single "Too Late" is an alternative pop vibe that embodies the way jaye felt about his hunger for breaking away from the day to day and take his music to the next level. The relaxing instrumental accompanies jayes unique, smooth vocal tone and makes 9/10 peoples head bop.


Review by Dave Ruby Howe Dave Ruby Howe

18 Nov 2020

Triple J

Smooth! This is by jaye in his element.

Smooth! This is by jaye in his element.