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Jaynee is a multidisciplinary artist whose arts practice covers a lifetime of achievements.
She has lived through many artistic and sub-cultural revolutions from New Zealand in the 1960s to Australia from 1980s up to the present.
Her self expression is unashamedly unique and her style not solely defined by any one era.
She is a twice published poet, singer, APRA approved songwriter, performance artist, filmmaker visual artist and activist for human rights.
Feeling the call to action now more than any other time she shares her work on her website and now in her first single release.
Some of her poems and song lyrics contain profound insights for this time and the future.
Written over thirty years ago “The Promise” is one example of this from “Visions of a New Kind” her poetry book republished 2018
Her soon to be released new book will be “The Writings” taken from her meditations during lock downs
Drac is Back was created in a similar way and put to soundtrack rescued from a half finished original song on DAT 1990s adapted to fit the message for 2021.