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Sounds like

The Stooges, Sex Pistols, The Clash

band members

 -Scott Tangey plays the guitar until we force him to stop -Nigel Caulfield breaks strings on his bass and tries to pretend that he can sing -Evan Freidin likes to play drums and take long walks on the beach 


Sex Pistols, The Clash, Green day


So apparently we’re meant to write our extended bio here, don’t know why anyone would really want to read a rambling nonsensical rant about how we formed this band, I mean, it’s really not that interesting, plus I forget most of it.  Basically Nigel came up with the idea to form a punk band coz he wants to sell out one day and make a shit lot of money doing ads for butter like he’s punk rock icon. So if you’re interested in buying Nigel’s soul please contact us, he doesn’t care what you want him to sell, he’s just a money hungry whore who has absolutely no moral fiber, seriously, he would do ads for the North Korean tourism board he doesn’t care, as long as it pays well so he can feed his fleeting addiction of the week. Anyway, Evan joined the band as excuse to come over to Nigel's house to practice...why?...GOd i don't play with Nigel's spiderman toys...who knows?.......who cares? Not quite sure why Scott Joined the band, mainly coz he can actually play guitar and frankly in way to good to lower himself to playing with scumbags like Nigel and Evan. A little known fact about Scott is that he actually has agoraphobia, which means he’s afraid of leaving the house…luckily he’s also homeless and lives on the street so he can actually walk around normally. So that’s pretty much the bio of the band, they’ve played a few gigs and do other band stuff like recording songs and arguing about who wrote what. Scott drinks rum coz he thinks he’s a pirate. Nigel’s favorite cocktail is a Manhattan because he likes to pretend that he’s in the mafia when he drinks it, he’s got no idea what’s in them and he doesn’t even really like the taste.  When Evan grows up he wants to teach orphans how to organize their garage as to save valuable space.  Scott wants to grow up to be a Zumba instructor and Nigel hopes to be the first man to successfully do a full loop-de-loop on a swing set.