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Indie, Rock, Roots

band members

Harry Jensen - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar Oscar Bosch - Lead Guitar Taylor Lewincamp- Bass Nathan Nyhuis - Drums

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Kat Edwards, LEWES



Jensen is an alternative rock band from Hobart, Tasmania.

Comprising of the friendship between Harry Jensen and Oscar Bosch formed in early life - the two expanded upon their sound meeting double bassist Andy Moore in High School.
Becoming a trio, they were no longer recognized as “Harry & Oscar”. The group quickly took to the studio producing their debut, a “self-titled” EP in ‘2015’.

The band now involves other musicians and other life-long friendships. Performing frequently around their hometown and developing into a full piece band, Jensen came out with their second release in ‘2017’, an album entitled “Hope & Winter”.

Jensen has had a rotating cast of players, whilst Harry and Oscar have remained at the core.

In 2015, Oscar met life-long friend and soon to be close acquaintance of the band, Callum Coleman.

From the year 2016 onwards - the three boys, Harry, Oscar and Callum began recording in their off time, compiling a set of songs for an EP. The three worked hard and in close quarters for three years, producing what is to be Jensen’s third release - an EP called “These Waves of Mine”.

“These Waves of Mine” is set for a release on the 15th of October, ‘2019’.

- Jensen