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Jess Ribeiro and Rob Law Mangy Dog and animal plus special guests


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Tinpan Orange


Jess and Rob formed The Bone Collectors in the Northern Territory at the end of 2008. Their first EP, Pilgrimage was recorded over 3 days in a friends room out the back of a gay nightclub in Darwin. It was well received by friends and enemies throughout the country. This year they liberate their first album, My Little River, which was recorded in a converted bakery outside of Melbourne during July of 2011. You will hear songs from the album here very soon.... For more info go to the website or check out facebook


Reviewed by Sarah Howells Sarah Howells

02 May 2012

Triple J

Sweet, beautiful...

Sweet, beautiful, and absolutely gorgeous vocals. I love the simplicity of this tune - and I'm a sucker for the harmonies!

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Reviewed by Richard Kingsmill Richard Ki...

08 Oct 2008

Triple J

Jess is a great ...

Jess is a great singer. I really love the way she delivers a song. She never over does it. There's a lot of personality there - like the subtle force Cat Power often has. She's got some other fine material too.

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10 Nov 2013


Deepest emotions...

Deepest emotions, make the beautifulest music

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