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Cat Empire, Paulo Nutini , Sting

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Jesse Witney - Guitars/Vocals/Percussion/Ukelele + Featured Guests


Gilberto Gil, Djavan, Paul Simon, Stevie Wonder

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Kooii, Declan Kelly, Kingfisha, Kim Churchill



Originally from the small town of Gympie QLD, Jesse Witney has grown up to encompass a world of music beyond his humble beginnings. The now Sydney based musician has developed his sound from touring the bars of Brazil and Europe, to performing at numerous venues Australia wide.

Witney presents his songs with passion, ingenuity and conviction, which has resulted in him being added to festival bills such as Woodford Folk Festival, National Folk Festival and the Melbourne Jazz Festival.

Witney's Sophomore EP 'Be It' is an imaginative and intelligent work which highlights his compositional strength and soulful voice. With performances by some of Australia's best musicians and a collaboration with producer Phil Stack (Thirsty Merc, James Morrison), the EP has resulted in a well rounded and thoughtful four songs.

Arising from a diverse background of Folk, Brazilian Soul and Australian Roots, Witney's influences as an artist are broad and his songs are reflective.

The tracks on 'Be It' explore themes of empowerment, love and the natural world. Witney hopes the four songs will ultimately inspire the listener to take on conscious sensibilities regarding our collective being and environment. This holistic outlook flows through the entire recording process, in which Witney utilised only organic instrumentation and production techniques.