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Sounds like

Kate Miller-Heidke, Fiona Apple, tori amos

band members

Jessica Monck - Piano and Vocals


Scott Walker, Fiona Apple, Sondheim

Unearthed artists we like

Seth Sentry, The Rocketeers


Musically, Jessica is more focused on musical theatre rather than pop music, which shows in her lyrics. In her final year of high school she received a SACE stage subject 2 award for Swing Band, and an award for Composing and Arranging. Since then she has released one contemporary music album and is currently working on a second. Jessica was the lead composer and musical director in the University production Slumway where she provided the majority of the musical score for a wide variety of instruments and voices while also taking on the roles of piano player, graphic designer, and conductor. She has also created several pieces for Muriel Matters, a local production which has been recorded in the parliamentary library and is now touring Australia (You can check out more information at this site: In late 2011, Jessica completed a Musical Theatre piece called 'Tick-Tock' as a part of her honours thesis. With her scriptwriter and friend, Natalie Texler, they put on five shows in the University Theatre with a cast of twelve and a small orchestra of eight (you can check out the details here: Earlier this year Jessica finished her Honours in Bachelor of Arts with a first, and is hoping to put on a cabaret show someday in the near future. She is still hoping to achieve more in Musical Theatre. (Photo Taken By Terry Hewitt: or look up terryhewittphotography on Facebook)