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sade, tracey chapman



Originally from the tropics of far north Queensland, Jessie Lloyd is a singer songwriter who performs acoustic interpretations of soul stylings. Her vocals are sleek and smooth, with a depth that conveys the strength and universal resonance of her lyrics. Jessie’s extensive music ability comes across subtly, never overshadowing her warm emotional flow and the rich musical arrangements of her songs.

Jessie comes from a musical family and studied music in Perth, gaining industry recognition including WAM Song of the Year in 2007 and a nomination for Female Artist of the Year at the 2009 Too Solid Awards.

A seasoned songwriter, performer and musical director, she has collaborated with many well-known acts and has also been involved in a number of musical collectives including Black Arm Band, Sunshine Sisters, Skin Choir and Jacky Jacky and the Blackies. She has produced a number of local works, most notably producing albums for Djiva and Candice Lorrae.

After working on so many different projects and with a multitude of gifted musicians, Jessie is set to release her long-awaited debut EP, Other Side of the Room, later this year.