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Indie, Pop, Rock

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Jessikah Baillie

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Tia Gostelow, Greta Stanley



Jessikah’s Soft spoken demeanor belies a big Stage presence and even bigger vocal performance. Delivering cuttingly clear vocals filtered through a performance with meaning and emotion that well serves any stage and its audience. Jessikah has launched into 2017 with her prevailing passion for music and songwriting through her passion for alternative folk and Indi reggae styles. This North Queensland based Singer song writer has been developing her “instrument” from as soon as she could speak and has been defining her individual sound to embark on her independent brand of distinctive flourishing female vocals and harmonies. Jessikah has been described as “coming out” from her original roots to her new-found passion for modern music styles and craft. Jessikah pulls the influence from Bands and artist such as First Aid Kit, Monsters and Men, Sticky Fingers and Booby Alu to name a few to fuel her music. Recently the “Big Sky Girls” Mentoring program has defined her direction to elevate into the music festival scene as a fresh young Talent which is creating a Buzz amongst local and regional music enthusiasts. Jessikah has excited many with powerful vocal deliveries and an endearing stage presence. You will be glad you have connected with this new talent and will undoubtedly see her soon and discover that voice …….


Review by Nat Tencic Nat Tencic

27 Jun 2017

Triple J

You have a gorgeous voice, and this is a great start. A lovely little folk gem.

You have a gorgeous voice, and this is a great start. A lovely little folk gem.