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Pop, Rock

Sounds like

Calexico, ween, The Zombies

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Jamie Coghill


The Turtles, The Left Banke, John Barry


The Jimmy C is/are Jamie Coghill. A Melbourne based adult male human who likes making music. This is as DIY as you can get. I've been making music at home with whatever gear I can get (very rarely professional gear) since 2005 - well, I've always been a demoer... since I was a teenager I have played with 4-track cassette recording but it was in 2005 I decided it was good enough for people to hear. When I'm not playing drums in The Devilrock Four, I'm making my own music as The Jimmy C. I play all the parts and do all the recording myself. I use cheap gear and cheap recording equipment but aim to sound as lush and professional as possible in spite of this. I use little to no digital editing or cut & paste. All the sounds are "performed". I'm a huge fan of intricate 60's pop/psychedelia where multitracking was the only studio trick available and the ideas were grand and well beyond the means of the recording studios and the performers. I adopt the same philosophy. I don't like my modest abilities and studio to get in the way of a big musical idea. I'm particularly proud of my latest effort "Orbital Debris" which cost me nothing to make and was done using old cheap instruments and recorded on very primitive and out of date PC multitracking software. I used 4 microphones on the drums, played all the guitars through a cheap distortion pedal and did all singing and overdubs on a cheap Realistic PZM microphone. You can hear the whole thing and buy my music here: I hope you enjoy my music. Jamie Coghill 2013.