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Indie, Pop, Roots

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Kasey Chambers, The Waifs


The Waifs, Andrew Winton , Johnny Cash, Paul Kelly



Jodie Boni grew up on a small farm in the middle of the national forest. With nothing but a wide expanse of nature & an annoying little brother to keep her out of trouble, her parents bought her, her first guitar at age 11. Having always sung, whether ABBA with her mum in the Cruiser or to her dad’s old cassette tapes, it was an obvious choice. As she entered into learning the intricacies of the guitar and challenge of toughening up her soft little fingers, Jodie found a passion that she has never lost. “I was such a mischievous little girl, my mum and dad had to keep my hands full somehow, or they would definitely have had their hands full!”

With a promising flair for performance, Jodie began to perform with the “WA Young Guns of Country Music”, a group of young people, who travelled all over Western Australia, performing for crowds at venues like Mingenew Midwest Expo and Perth Royal Show. While with them, she was the recipient of a scholarship to the Tamworth Camerata, where she was lucky enough to work with many accomplished artists and learn about herself. This experience confirmed for her just how important it was to experience the abundance of life, “How could I sing about the big wide world, crushing pain, pure unadulterated bliss, all-encompassing longing, if I had not been there and walked that road?”

So Jodie set out to experience it, and that she did, working every type of job you could think of, bar wench, mill hand, office chick, fruit-picker, tree-farmer, abattoir hand, builders labourer and ending up 6 years underground mining for diamonds. With a crew who became her family, she was lucky enough to experience some of the most inappropriate and hilarious moments a young woman could hope to have. Running the truck out of fuel 100m into the portal, “The fitters came down, laughed at me and demanded a carton of beer, bastards”, Being tossed over the shoulder of a burly underground miner, “He said he needed to save me during a mock emergency, threw me over his shoulder and ran me down the drive! I screamed like a girl the whole way! Bloody underground miners” and the utterly inebriated shift changes that we just shouldn’t go into for the sake of modesty. Taking the opportunity of working in the Kimberley, to pack up the camper trailer and see Australia, travelling to Darwin with all the comforts of .........”wait, there were no comforts people” and experience the intoxicating wild beauty of the top end. Blowing her mind with how the ever-changing landscape in Australia just seems to go from one gorgeous scene to the next.

Jodie has spent her formative years going from moment to moment embracing the glory of every person who walked in and out of her life, the good, the bad and the damned ugly. Every experience, hysterical rib tickling yarns, hearts shattered like smashed-crabs, proud moments life-affirming experiences, all fodder for the lyrical journal of her life. And now a small piece of that journal has been captured in the EP “She Said” which is to be released on the 29th of November 2014. With “Break Free” recounting the immeasurable joy and relief of being able to do what she loves for a living, the title track “She Said” venturing into the dark twistings of self depreciation and a thoroughly entertaining “The Boy had a Beard” going into her strange affection for the marvellous beard!

Join Jodie on her long awaited tuneful passage, as she takes the candid, quirky thoughts that inundate her mind, releases tunes that have you lost in the enveloping lyric & melody and delivers the frank, heartfelt performances that she is so notorious for. “I don’t think there is anything I relish more than sitting on that stage, in front of a crowd and telling them a story, my story, which becomes our story, shared.”