Artist info


Rock, Roots

Sounds like

Tim Freedman, Tom Waits, James Blunt

band members

Joel Sulman - Singer/Songwriter


Justin Derrico, Eddie Vedder, The Whitlams



Joel Sulman is a Singer/Songwriter from Albury NSW. Bred in Byron Bay, Joel grew up with a wide range of musical influences from The Whitlams, Eddie Vedder, Justin Derrico, Seal and many more... Over time has developed his own unique style utilising his powerful voice, eclectic guitar work and cheeky percussion to balance out the mix. In his short career in the music industry, Joel has been involved in many different projects including the Acoustic Duo "Clark & Sulman" who worked with acts such as The Whitlams, Allensworth, Faker, Diesel, Claude Hay, Nick & Liesl to name a few. "Joel Sulman is a strange eclectic blend of many influences and music to generate a unique sound that is paired with a voice similar to Tim Freedman, Eddy Vedder and John Williamson all smashed together in a vocal 'cold rock sundae'." - Freeon Street Press, 2013 His Debut EP "chinese whispers" is out now on iTunes, Google etc etc ;)