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Rock, Roots

Sounds like

Stevie Winwood, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Smith

band members

Mekanix Band - Col Nolan - Joseph Calderazzo - Peter Toohey - Andy Davis - Luke Koteras - Tabatha Brownrigg


Rock, blues roots, sixties bands

Unearthed artists we like

Vera Black, Luke Koteras


John Brownrigg has been known in the past to leave an audience captivated with his rich soulful spirit filled voice. His voice has an old school flavour with a new school sprinkle. An easier way to say it would be BB KING meets Brian ADAMS. Singing is as important as breathing is to him. This cool perfromer really swings with the feel of Europe the impro of American jazz and the working class ethic of the blues: A new and modern experience made by a musician who's spent many yesterdays taking and refining his art to a unique and precise blend and bend in his music to create the sound and feel of the blues today. Rare is the improvising artist who reaches the wider audience without diluting his art. The recipient of many accolades, John Brownrigg's singular approach has been captured in a variety of settings. Albums such as STAR SPANGLED BANGER introduced Brownrigg's engaging compositions and unique instrumental and vocal conception; ‘CROSSROADS’ portrays the John Brownrigg Band's more rockish side; incorporating elements of jazz, folk, blues and country. Each step in Johns ever evolving career has been distinctly unique and yet all are indelibly etched with Brownrigg's signature. "While I now acknowledge that my primary function on Earth is to be a songwriter, I also see that music is nothing more than the essential component of humanity - it is all the same material. My feeling is that the more I can learn about music, the more I learn about other things. So far, it is working for me." – John Brownrigg