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Indie, Metal, Rock

Sounds like

Jeff Kollman,Hendrix,Virgil Donati,Joe Satriani,Zappa

band members

John Castellain's TimeShift is; John Castellain : Guitar Nat DePalma : Drums Gruzzman : Bass


Frank Zappa, Jimi Hendrix, Joe Satriani, Jeff Kollman


John Castellain lives in the quiet Victorian countryside where much of his compositional work takes place.
John has produced a variety of music that crosses and incorporates many different musical genres,and has worked with the best in Australia and Overseas on musical projects.
Try this Latest video off his 2014 CD TimeShift For Example,all recorded in one take without rehearsal:
From moving electric & acoustic guitar solos to avantgarde arrangements to more Progressive Fusion Rock. John's Guitar work is always powerful and unique.
You'll find his playing on many albums besides his own.
John has a BA in Performing Arts from Deakin Uni and has also built his own home studio to enable ideas to be developed and produced economically.He recently visited the UK where he is writing a new album with Chris Powell an English Producer Composer.
John has experimented with a variety of recording techniques which have allowed internet collaborations with other musicians and artists around the globe. John has also been making some movie clips featured on YouTube & other Video hosting sites.
They will give you an idea of the range of styles covered and feature the latest studio sessions.
Johns music is a journal of ideas, sometimes reflecting the savagery of world events,sometimes brutal Guitar Rock fusion or even avantegarde,but always heartfelt and genuine. and powerful.
"You have to believe in yourself no matter what and never forget why you started playing music"...."music is a perfect vehicle for self expression, and when others listen, it is all worth the effort".