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Sounds like

Chris De Burg, Coors, Secret Garden

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John Rodriquez


Terry Oldfield, Chris James, Chris De Burgh


Singer/songwriter driven to spread joy through sound and song. John’s music is designed to provide inspiration. His most recent release is the Sing For Joy CD, which allows people to bypass their negative programming and experience the healing power of their own voice. In 2001, John recorded “Sorry” (a song about reconciliation) which was aired on 4 Triple A (98.9FM) Murri Country radio on National Sorry Day. In 2002 he volunteered to lead a project commissioned by the Human Rights Committee of Logan City under the auspices of Arts Queensland, Logan City Council and BEMAC. The concert, “Many People, One Voice – A Spotlight on Human Rights” was produced and directed by John and staged at the Logan Entertainment Centre in Brisbane. Putting together a collection of original works, including many of his own, the concert was the culmination of nine months work by volunteers working together to write and perform their own works. In 2003 John won 3rd place at the Redlands Festival, (Open Own Composition) with “The Traveller” (a song about trusting your spirit) and in December 2007 was awarded Runner Up International Song of the Year with his song LOVE Again in December 2008, John was recognised again with Runner Up International Song of the year with the song Peace Mantra from his CD “Sing for Joy”. John has had a long association with The Relaxation Centre in Brisbane. He facilitates workshops at corporate events and private retreats, helping others discover the joy of singing by finding their true inner voice. People like Chris James, Mikal Nielsen and Dick Rigby, have inspired John’s work. Recent festivals include Joyfest (1 & 2) and Harmony Day for Logan City, where John hosted a Sing-a-long activity with participants singing for peace and harmony. In corporate workshops John uses sound and song to help break down barriers and to unite groups of people.