Artist info


Indie, Rock

Sounds like

supergrass, Primal Scream, Jet

band members

Johnny Rock – Lungs and windmills, Andreas – Guitars and good looks, Alastair – Starjumps and occasionally the bass, Will - D-d-d-drums


you am i, bloc party, Bowie


Johnny Rock and The Limits have an energy you wish you could bottle. Somewhere between a class 5 hurricane and a six year old full of sugar at a birthday party. Intense. And that’s just how they like it. Going out to watch them play you will never know what to expect. Known for their crazy themed gigs they’ve previously brought on stage a 6 piece gospel choir, 3 piece horn ensemble, and 3D horror movie projections! They’ve even had a venue decked out prom-style in pink crepe paper and balloons. Their shows are always an event. Last summer their single, "Give You What You Need" (recorded by Go! Team producer Gareth Parton) was featured in the Cornetto TV commercial. So they decided to start a party up the east coast. Quickly followed by another tour to show the nation their next release, the garage pop anthem "Shoeshine". Now their EP 'Highly Likely' is about to hit the streets 30th September and the lads are off again to share the love. Catch them touring up the coast from 30th September. All deets on their FB page.