Artist info


Punk, Rock

Sounds like

Dwarves, Guttermouth, Zeke

band members

Jon X - Lead Vox Klintron Mahoney - Lead Guitar Loki "Grandaddy Funk" - Lead Bass/Vox The Mikky - Lead Drums


Naked Chicks, tattoos, drinking


The Jon Experiment are a four piece Slurred Edge band from Brisbane (QLD, Australia). Clinging to their roots of house parties and drunken jam sessions, they have taken the local music scene to new limits with their very entertaining and extravagant style of punk. Before you write them off as just another punk band, The Jon Experiment are surprisingly good musicians and consummate performers. Jon X (vocals/harmonica), Loki Discordia (bass/vocals), The Mikky (drums) and Klintron Mahoney (guitar/vocals) will go as far as it takes to keep their audiences entertained. Their catchy, fast paced, guitar driven tracks will have you singing along on the first night and stick in your head for days afterwards. The Jon Experiment have released two CDs, had extensive airplay on local radio, performed at venues all over the west coast of Australia and have amassed a very enthusiastic following over their short career. They have thrilled audiences with shows at The Jubilee Hotel, The X&Y Bar, 299 and are favourites at Trash Fest and local punk shows all over Brisbane. With blatant disregard for convention, The Jon Experiment have no fear of going outside the limits of punk, experimenting with metal, grunge rock and even spoofing on lounge ballads. Their onstage antics are notorious. Smashing guitars, doing shots with fans and bantering between the band members, you can be sure that The Jon Experiment will do whatever it takes to keep the party going