Artist info


Indie, Pop, Rock, Roots

Sounds like

Matt Corby, Tame Impala, Ocean Alley


D'Angelo, Donny Hathaway, Jeff Buckley, Nick Drake, John Martyn, Funkadelic

Unearthed artists we like

18YOMAN, First Beige , Ezra Allen, Jake Fink, Float Therapy



Jon Marsden is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer from Brisbane Australia. He began performing live music at age 14, and due to his love of the guitar began covering classic blues artists such as B.B King, Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughn.

It wasn't until 4 years later when Jon was introduced to his first DAW (Ableton Live) when he was able to record, produce and release his own original music. Jon's musical influence has since incorporated a wider variety of genre and style. Defining his sound as a “groove based, harmonically rich sonic experience” that takes inspiration from great Australian artists like Tame Impala, Matt Corby and Ocean Alley.

Jon's strives to create an incredible live  show that hopes to leave a lasting impression on audiences. Jon is backed by an incredible roster of musicians; Bass player and long time friend Fin Boylan, guitarist and solo recording artist Yusuf Memon (Bamboo Bonsai), keyboard player and seasoned touring musician Ocean Beck (Sahara Beck), contemporary jazz trained drummer Charlie Newman (Flying Nimbus) and established jazz musician and saxophonist Josh O'Byrne. Together the band has played headline shows at venues around Brisbane as well as supported touring and local bands. (Sahara Beck, SYCCO, STUMPS, Towns, Matilda Red, Action Slacks...)

Jon has released several singles since 2018, each developing and maturing his voice as an artist more than the last. “Validate Me” (2020) is Jon's most recent release that takes his sound in a new direction that is truer to his influence and more expressive and sonically rich than previous releases.

Jon is drifting into experimental territory and believes that it gives him the freedom to create more music that is unique and self-fulfilling. With this new perspective on songwriting and production Jon is currently in the process of writing and recording music for release throughout 2020.

Jon continues to write and produce music in his small bedroom studio in Brisbane and shows no signs of stopping any time soon.