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Hip Hop

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Eminem, Mac Miller

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Jordan Kent

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Tones And I , Flume



Born and raised in Australia's southeast coast, in the small town of West Wallsend, rapper Jordan Kent is making a wave of his own. In 2019, he began to garner attention after leaking a short video snippet featuring his track "20 Years Later" that left fans interested in what was in store.

His unique sound has a distinctive personality to it, highlighting Jordan’s ability to set the bar higher with honest songwriting and personal lyrics. His fans have often compared his style to the sound of greats such as Eminem or Kanye West, but he also echoes the feel of contemporary icons such as Mac Miller or Kendrick Lamar, among others. Recently, Jordan has been gearing up for the release of multiple EPs set to drop in early 2020, including “Open Book” and "Carriage Estates". Projects that feature a diverse approach to hip hop music and creativity, showcasing his capacity to explore musically and get out of his comfort zone. Both are reflections of his life’s battles that combines lush layers of vocal harmonies and emotional word play with gritty beats and atmospheric melodies. Completely different in approach and sound, the projects present Jordan’s willingness to follow contrasting creative directions and experiment with his versatility.
~ Andrew