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Indie, Pop, Roots

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Joseph Vea


Daniel Caesar, Tom Misch, Leon Bridges, Bruno Major

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Health Club, Julian Steel, HANNAH, PACES



It’s easy to be caught off guard by the music of Joseph Vea. With a tone so smooth and deep, his voice draws you into a place of comfort. It’s in that place you then realise he has led you there for deeper reflection; on identity, on self and on love. A reflection that has undoubtedly come about through his role not only as an artist and an educator, but as stay at home dad.

Joseph’s debut jam ‘Half As Much' explores a journey of self acceptance and love. It is letter from the voice inside us that tells that we are 'good enough' and that we deserve to be loved 'Half As Much' as we love others. ‘Half As Much' has a salsa groove, anchored in undeniable Rnb goodness.