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Rock, Pop

Sounds like

Ben Lee, Bernard Fannıng, James Blunt

band members

Josh Last - vocals and guıtar


Missy Higgins, Oasis, The Living End


Hi, My name is Josh and I come from Perth and have been living in Canberra for most of the last 3 years. I started writing music just as a joke with my flat mate in Canberra and enjoyed it so much that I have been persevering for the passed 2 years. The next step I took in music was to play with my friends "The Tully's" at their regular gig at Belconnen Mall on Sunday afternoons and have now enjoyed doing so for the last 6 months. I am now releasing my first EP titled "Yet to be" with tracks including "Clear View", "Growing Up" and "One Day Wedding". I hope you enjoy listening to it! I have commenced a trip half way around the globe, including the following journey legs: Ride my Ducati motorcycle from Canberra to Perth, Travel around South East Asia with 2 of my Brothers, Damion and Byron and his girlfriend Lisa, Drive a Toyota Hilux from India to the UK via the Middle East with friends from my old job. I hope that this trip inspires in me the seeds of some new songs. I leave behind in Canberra my good friends from work and play including my rock climbing buddies. One memory I cherish with them was when we went to the Whitsunday Islands, hired a 52 foot yacht and diving equipment and spent a whole week sailing, diving, having the occasional drink ;) and of course strumming a few chords. Take it easy, Josh