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Indie, Electronic

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Joshwa Leigh - Guitar/vocals/piano/synth


Emotions That Sometimes Are Never Sed But Felt


Hi World Im Joshwa Leigh,lately i have come to realise that in this life my music is the only real thing i have for the future and to be honest that's the only thing i want.since the day i was born i listened and loved music it has been the only thing in my life not to hurt me and to never let me down. family is my world you hurt them it will be the biggest mistake you will ever make they are the nicest people ever and would do anything for me.we have all made mistakes but the difference between most and me is i learn from them and never make them again. if you see me at a show or in the streets come say hi and please do not treat me any different im just a guy with a guitar trying to have a happy life. thankyou to anyone who has listened to my songs or bought my CD or commented me and just made me feel like my music makes a difference in peoples lives. i write from my heart and if one person in this whole world can connect to it then that is a beautiful thing. joshwa leigh xxx