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Rock, Roots

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Cat Stevens, Ben Harper, Jack Johnson

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Josh Williams The Kestrals - Macca Wohling, Frog Enright and Harley Gray.


muddy waters, G'Love and The Special Sauce, Ben Harper



At the heart of Elliston solo artist Joshy Willo's music is his warm, enlightening and richly poetic lyrics.
He lightly weaves his words beautifully to share his daydreams, hopes, fears, and experiences, merging warm acoustics to provide an emotional journey for listeners.
Sometimes boppy, sometimes a little bit country, sometimes reggae, the songs are always deeply threaded connections conveying the choices and imprints of humanity on relationships, the environment, the land or the ocean.

There are rich warm melodies featuring piano, and cameos of accordion, violin, cello, pedal steel, trumpet, trombone and banjo.
This album is a delight to listen to - especially on a West Coast road trip where the isolation and sheer beauty of the region's sloping farmlands and towering cliffs, mimic the notes and melodies.
The album is polished in both its music and its presentation - Joshy Willo has searched and sourced people who were able to add their magical touch to this body of work.
Music was added by talented musicians from the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, Adelaide's Southern Vales songstress Laura Hill, Junior's Steve Pederson and local Adelaide Gypsy-jazz band, Golonka.

The result is a rich layering of harmony from the strings and at time bursts of effervescent jazz punches from the horn instruments enriching the acoustic honesty of the Kestrals - fellow West Coaster, Matt Macca Wohling and Adelaide-based, Matt Frog Enright and Harley Gray.
The CD presentation features artwork by well known Elliston modern artist Todd Romanowycz, photography by Tim Berry and design and layout by Koby Hage - all young professionals with West Coast roots adding their youthful touch, and freshness to the production.

Unearthed in 2011

One Night Stand

13 Mar 2011


Joshy Willo

Joshy Willo

Congratulations to Joshy Willo!

Joshy will be performing at One Night Stand 2011 along with a full band.