Artist info


Electronic, Indie, Rock, Roots

Sounds like

PJ Harvey, Adam Green, Leonard Cohen, Massive Attack, Yeah-Yeah-Yeahs

band members

Joustene- vocals, electric lead and rhythm guitars, finger-style classical guitar, steel string guitars, electronica, flute, piano, ukelele, saxophone and electric clarinet. Bella Noiseuse and Jeff Normans: vocals


Billie Holiday, Aretha, Nina, Pussy Riot, Donald Fagen, Patti Smith, Phoenix



'Chances' is from my first solo album 'Lost in Rhyme'. 'Fugitives' is the title track of my new album which will be released early 2020 ( 'Fugitives' tells of my encounter with refugees escaping across the US-Mexico border. In writing the song, though, I realised that we're all fugitives in one way or another. 'Change' is about the challenges and temptations that besiege longer term love. 'Ghosts' is also on my new album. The song explores the similarities between social and personal history—the way others can only harm us when they don't know who we are. I live between Melbourne and Byron and often tour Europe over the Australian winter.