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Joy - vocals and guitar


Pacifists of the 60s, Church hymns - "peace"



Singer since birth. Went to a small church in the country where half the congregation were my relations. When the question "What do you want to be when you grow up Joy?" was first asked "Singer", was the only thing in my mind. Mixed Race... so, I was always observing differences that brought - differences and similarities too. Cultures may be different, but we all want to be happy, and would probably all like to be liked. Life Experience: Some great moments, like singing at sports and cultural things, on the streets in New York, London, Sydney... Sports and Travel!! Moments survived/that make you stronger... Child abuse, Racism, Sexual Assault, Cancer (so far;)! So, education and life experiences - nature and nurture, have both made the songs I'm writing, what they are. Meaningful to myself and I dearly hope, meaningful to anyone else who listens.