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Dance, Electronic

band members

Andy Bain


Disclosure, PNAU, Green Velvet, Andy Garvey

Unearthed artists we like

Rosie Kate, The Buried King, KLP, remy nettheim, Outloved


Joymio has hit the ground running with a unique brand of playful dance music. Laying down vibrant hooks and seductive basslines, Joymio draws inspiration from an array of modern genres to build fresh and exciting tracks. Inspired by contemporary dance icons, and the diverse soundtracks of Australian festival culture, Joymio aims to shine new light on the classic club sounds you know and love. Joymio is the latest project from Melbourne-based producer Andy Bain, whose contributions to the Melbourne music community have taken many forms: as a producer, live performer, and a DJ. Joymio will be serving up 5 new singles into 2021, with no signs of slowing down.