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Electronic, Punk

Sounds like

Bloody Beetroots, DEADSY, Midnight Juggernaughts

band members

Manek Deboto - Player Zero, The Video Nuke Puke 'Em - Player One, The Cassette


DEADSY, Alec Empire, Daft Punk


JOYSTIXX: CHILDREN OF THE ARCADE “Leave your Joystixx at the door. We are your entertainment system tonight. Joystixx are in control.” Born from the ashes of the self-destructive new-wave, glam, electro-punk-rock outfits, Dead Inside the Chrysalis and Action Figures, the latest project from Manek Deboto and Nuke Puke ‘Em offers the chance to control a more durable conception in the form of Joystixx. 2009 saw Joystixx scoring support slots along side electro entities Data, Passions/ Math Head and Le Castle Vania, a revelry of shows at Trashbags’ infamous Sydney parties, winning a remix competition for Cassette Kids as well as having their own originals remixed by Robots Don’t Have Sisters, Discoballistics and mega-producer, FIL. The year also saw an appearance on the cult compilation series Masters of the Universe, scoring artwork by French/ Canadian artist Jozi Gallant-Proulx and DW Design (Danger, Miami Horror, FutureCop) as well as honouring the title of Official Djs for Troma. Now with a new EP set to be released thru Liquid Cherry, 2010 is shaping up to be a mega year for the live-action 2-piece. Prepare to eject yourself and get ready to ravage when you witness Joystixx’ vivacious live-action stage show, sporting their self-made fashion statements and playing their own set of original club thumpers. The pair also feature in their own Joystixx reality comic book following their real-life adventures in the form of Video 4 Cassette. A screwed-up classic boy meets girl apocalyptic romance the likes of Sid & Nancy, set along side the parallel virtual world of DREAMEGA’s Arcade. Join D-Bot-O, the Dead-Beat Master Control, on his never-ending quest to save the girl, Nuke 3D, powered-up princess, provider of rad-tastic rap and rhythm. A thought-projected choose-your-own virtual reality romance serial put to music. Welcome to Joystixx’ 3D Arcade soundtrack adventure. Check out these links for a brief history on Manek n’ Nuke – Dead Inside the Chrysalis - Acid Night at the Prom video clip - Dead Inside the Chrysalis on US Reality TV Show, Project My World -