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Hip Hop

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The High Society, Seth Sentry, Esvee

band members

producers Im currently working with, J Waters, Urban Monk,Skitzo Beats,Echs Inognito, Tiney Ted and Dazed (DFTC)


The Notorious B.I.G, Nas, Wu-Tang


Jp –Curriculum Vitae Skills Lyricist Writer Experienced Performer Expert Scrambled Egg Maker Film and Television Production Promotion/Marketing/PR Playstation Connoisseur Emcee… So who is the man behind the beard? Is it a Sasquatch? Is it Ned Kelly? Rasputin? Could it be Henry Lawson reincarnated? Or, maybe, it’s Moses…? Jp. The man behind the beard; Creator of the world’s fluffiest scrambled eggs; Purveyor of cult comedy; Film school drop out and ‘The High Society’s’ emcee. Since forming the beard and first gripping the mic, Jp has run his own monthly show, ‘One Mic’, from October 2006 – August 2007, performed at The Laundry, Revolver, First Floor, Bar Open, The Western Port Hotel (San Remo), Royal Botanical Gardens (Mel), Prince Bandroom, Beach Road Hotel (Bondi), Veludo, Haida, Miss Libertine and The Evelyn with many musicians he is honoured to have shared the stage with such as, Illzilla, Wylie J (Arrested Development), SS Pecker, 1/6, Jwaters, Elf Transporter, Urban Monk (Polo Club) just to name a few. He has appeared on numerous releases and compilations while honing a long awaited solo release. Jp has performed live on SynFM and PBS and can be heard on JJJ on the single ‘Blue Skies’ from “The Children of Captivity” with Jwaters, 1/6 and Leona Prue of All India Radio. Most recently he can be seen performing with 9 piece hip-hop/funk outfit The High Society. His debut solo album "The Road to Arkham" is due for release mid 2013. Who is the man behind the beard? Come and find out.