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Pop, Rock

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Juliet (Jules) Backman

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STICKY FINGERS, Dan Hopkins & The Generous Few


Jules is a Country girl success story. Moving to Sydney in 2005 after living in a small town in SA. Jules has been studying music, performing music and living for the next song writing opportunity. Her original tune “Where Were You” saw Jules as a 2012 Music Oz Awards Finalist at the Sydney Opera House. Now writing another set of tracks to follow up on her debut EP “Thursday’s Child” Jules is collaborating with Nathan Eshman of Music Entourage to release a full album of tunes in the Country Pop Rock genre. Jules music is a mix of comforting pleasure. Melodies with joyful tones join together with a sweet smooth calm voice that just calls to you that everything is going to be ok. Jules has been well received in the US where the Country Pop Rock scene is well loved. Now looking at touring there in 2013. A practice run for the tour is planned for earlier in the year when Jules and a team of great muso’s will visit Coffs Harbour, Byron Bay and Brisbane to do a live EP release for Thursday’s Child.