Artist info


Electronic, Pop, Rock

Sounds like

Muse, Garbage, David Bowie, Icehouse, The Presets , Midnight Oil, Boom Crash Opera, ELO, Shihad, Tom Petty

band members

Julian Smith.


David Bowie, Muse, Shihad, Icehouse, Crowded House, Garbage, ELO, Boom Crash Opera, Depeche Mode, Midnight Oil, Tom Petty, The Presets

Unearthed artists we like

Nakatomi, Skyepaint, Austen, Sister Peach, Keelan Mak, Lupa J



On music:

“Why do this? For me, there’s no other way of dreaming whilst I’m awake – that’s the only reason I keep writing songs. The type of song I end up writing is almost completely irrelevant…the idea is to keep dreaming until the end of the dream…and then start dreaming again.”

On vulnerability:

“To start this now at my age is unthinkable and stupid in today’s age of hyper-consumerism and youth…and I really value the importance of stupidity. Vulnerability and stupidity need more value in a world that wants art and music to be predictable.”

On myths:

“I’m not great at buying into myths that don’t suit me. Career-wise, I’m really crap at anything except music, so you probably wouldn’t want me to be the guy responsible for fixing your car. Or plumbing your cat. Or replastering your lawn… However, I will profess my strength at being a very accomplished swearer, so I guess it’s a case of ‘swings and roundabouts’….”

On influences:

“I adore the ethos of giving oneself to a song completely for the sake of its realisation. I also love the idea of abandoning one’s ego to allow the song to come to life. People that I see doing that on a consistent basis are Neil Finn, Robyn, Jeff Lynne from ELO, The Presets, and Garbage. That’s also why I lose my mind over KPOP – it’s complete servitude in the name of finding perfection in pop songs!”