Artist info


Rock, Indie

Sounds like

vocally missy higgins, Yoko Ono

band members

Julie Forner - writer, guitarist, singer, Adam Judd - drums, Anthony Sstewart - bass


Leanard Cohen, T-Rex, Stones



My music is not for agnostics unless they want to make fun of me or be tempted into believing in a God but I'm really all about being only human and in not saying say Buddha is the pathway to enlightenment or Jesus is the way cause I embrace all the wisdom and guidance of the higher souls.There's been alot of pain in my life thus my lyrics aren't shallow and yet they remain positive and kind of sweet as.I wrote my first song when I was nineteen not even knowing I could write songs or actually deliberately trying to write a song but then as I grew older I was very deliberately trying to write something brilliant and I have succeeded in doing this. One music producer said I was the best lyricist to come out of Adelaide I wouldn't go that far cause thats a huge responsibility and I worry that my lyrics are not colloquial enough are too demanding on listeners. I used to shine on stage but haven't been doing live performances these past few years, just been writing and recording. I've just finished producing my album titled "Even Cowgirls Take Off Their Boots 2' I'm content enough with it.