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Indie, Pop

band members

Julz De Maria - Voclas/guitar. Sean Graham - Percussion. Jonathan Jeffery - Bass guitar. Ben Dubber - Drums.

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J & the G Beats, Julz & the G Beats, JGBs


Julz & the Grimly Beats are a Brisbane based band who delves in a mixed genre of Independent Popular Roots Music (IPRM). Forming in 2010 they create sub-pop, singer/songwriter, roots style music with catchy melodies and socially intriguing lyrics. Their live performances has seen them play at some of Brisbane's popular music venues including, the HiFi Bar, Ric's Cafe, the Globe Theater, X & Y Bar, and the Lock 'n' Load. In 2010 they played at the annual Fete de la Musique Festival and the very successful Red Deer Music Festival. At the the beginning of 2011 the band recorded their first studio album, which was released as a limited edition at the Red Deer Music Festival in June 2011. To add some more exciting news to this already very busy first part of the year, Julz & the Grimly Beats were one of the three local acts to be excepted to play at Splendour in the Grass 2011. They took to the stage on Friday 29th July at the GW McLennan tent. For the rest of 2011 they will be focusing their attention on giving their new debut album the best support they can.