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Roots, Rock

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Justin Carter- Vocals, guitar and harmonica. Johnny Rollins -Drums/percussion and backing vocals.


black keys, neil young, G-Love


Moving forward from his previous recordings, Justin Carter has compiled a collection of stories that has an even balance of darkness and light which keeps you fully immersed in this album from start to finish. Recorded in Australia at Medici Studios, it is the result of years spent on the road playing gigs and surfing his way around the country. 25 year old Justin took time off his grueling schedule to complete his latest and greatest album - "Painting Pictures". Having written all of the songs on the road there is a richness of diversity, from the innocent first single “Smile” to the desperate “Broken Lines". This album has a story for everyone who has felt the joys of falling in love and the pain of being forgotten. Produced and engineered by David Nicholas (George, Shakespeare’s Sister & INXS), the album has an almost endless summer feel to it that makes you transcend into a setting of a warm sun and cool breezes that gently relax the soul. Carter’s trademark harp and stomp can still be heard through the addition of a bass guitar and amazing drums and vocals from Justin’s constant collaborator, Mr. Johnny Rollins. The title track “Painting Pictures” investigates the heartbreak of relationships, being unable to let go even when moving on is the only option. "Painting Pictures" is a festival of acoustic instruments and organic percussion tied together with Justin’s screaming harp, electric guitars, Johnny’s solid drums and amazing vocals. All of these are a part of one of the album highlights on the last track, "Angels", where Justin and Johnny both sing live and form this amazingly passionate ending to the album. After the successful release of his previous album “Whatever happened to real music?” and winning the "Apollo Bay Music Festivals Young Songwriters Award" in 2006, Justin has now taken the leap to having his music licensed and released in the overseas territory of Japan. He enjoys the support of the Japanese label “Village Again” who has secured airplay and festival appearances as well as a promotional tour which was a big success during September 2009. With Justin’s music being used on the recent Australian Surf Movie Festival National Tour, Justin performed live during the tour of the film from "Bondi to Margaret River". Corona beer has also been impressed enough to use Justin’s music on their latest TV campaign. Justin is set to be touring and promoting “Painting Pictures” for the remainder of 2009 so keep an eye out in your local gig guides for any live shows.