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Sounds like

Tom Waits, Johnny Cash, Lee Hazlewood

band members

All Vocals Instruments and programming - Justin Frew. Live Justin Frew Guitar/Banjitar Vocals, Darren Legg - Double Bass, "Smokestack" Matt Russell - Banjo Guitar, Gordo Watt - Drums, Ol'Greg Westwood - Lead Guitar


Delta blues, Honkytonk, Lounge Folk


Justin was around in the 90's in various lineups the most well known being Southend (post the winner is) and Antenna (Come on Spring) with Dave Faulkner Kim Salmon and Stu McCarthy. Has returned after 5 years off the scene (Kids, real jobs, mortgage etc) with the music that's been trying to escape his head for the last 10 years. All infused with his love of Honkytonk, Delta Blues, Cowboy Lounge music and a healthy cynicism that comes with age. Music for grown ups who hate growing up.