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Indie, Roots

Sounds like

The Decemberists, Kill Devil Hills

band members

Justin Walshe - Vocals, Acoustic, Harmonica // Rhyll Wilson - Vocals & Percussion // Jason Snook - Mandolin & Vocals // Justin Castley - Double Bass // Duncan Strachan - Dobro & Vocals // Michael Blackburn - Banjitar & Vocals


Dylan, Lee Hazelwood, The Decemberists, The Doors



Mixing the best elements of folk, bluegrass, and Americana into a uniquely folk machine sound, filtered through the dead dry arid Western Australian sense of humour, which is at the absolute core of their work, the Folk Machine is a sprawling acoustic storm of bluegrass instruments spun around word-hanging storytelling.

Their third album, Small Tales Vol. 2 was released to a sold out bar in Fremantle in Feb 2016 and has already received rave reviews including 4/5 stars from “each song is a killer, packed with gorgeous, effortless melodies, thoughtful lyrics and a mood that's seriously immersive.”

Their sound has changed over the years, moving from electrified country rock to a more intimate, yet still expansive, bluegrass sound. Their second album, Walking to China (2010) crystallized the early vision of the band as an epic country-rock storytelling juggernaut tackling grand tales of shipwrecks and explorers amongst more personal tales. This album and several national tours brought them into the national spotlight, hailed as "the next chapter in Australian folk" among other lofty claims and widespread critical acclaim.