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Sounds like

xavier rudd, John Butler, Harry Manx

band members

Juzzie Smith, vocal, harmoncia, guitar, percussion, didgeridoo


JUZZIE SMITH - bio A ‘roots’ performer in the true sense of the word, Juzzie Smith is swiftly turning self made institution. A drop of Tamworth, a sprig of Delhi, a dash of Arnhem Land and a hefty splash of New Orleans, those in the know have known for a while now, but the rest of us are about to find out… The Story: Nigh on 5 years ago, tired of late nights gigging in smoky pubs, Juzzie quit the band he was playing with at the time, finished recording his second solo album, bought an old school bus, packed up his little family and took off on a busking tour of Australia. Traveling North through Darwin and then down through WA, he started off playing to crowds of fifty or so, collecting enough coin to pay for fuel whilst continually refining his songs, instruments and performance. By the time they arrived on the streets of Perth, Juzzie was pulling crowds of hundreds of people at a time. The Artist: Juzzie’s musical inspiration comes from blending the instruments of his craft and creating new sounds that takes him and his audiences into a ‘Happy Daze’. Performing on the streets and sharing his music with audiences of all ages from toddlers to grandparents has given Juzzie a creative testing ground that has seen him flourish as a performer. As Juzzie says, ‘street performing has been the greatest gift for my music to grow, as there is a freedom when playing surrounded by trees and fresh air. Music is a gift to share and I feel so high whenkids are dancing and everyone is smiling.” The Album: Now, 15 000 self sold CD’s and a long distinguished list of support slots and festival appearances later, Juzzie Smith is set to release ‘Happy Daze’. His third album and most accomplished work to date; ‘Happy Daze’ is the closest a Juzzie Smith recording has come to capturing the impetuosity, vibe and unadulterated vigor of what it is that makes Juzzie a true musical entity unto himself: his live performances. The Performances: A simultaneous one man - slide guitar, yidaki (didgeridoo), customised suitcase stompbox, harmonica and vocal phenomenon, a Juzzie Smith live performance is not something easily captured in words. Even video doesn’t come close to actually being there, but is at least indicative. Including footage of Juzzie jamming with John Butler, the youtube link below is a pastiche of some of what Juzzie Smith is about: Juzzie Smiths recent rise as a solo performer on the national festival circuit has been nothing short of meteoric considering that his first true solo festival appearance, after years of honing his skills busking (winner of 2006 Busking Championships: Tamworth Country Music Festival), was only Woodford 05/06 last year. East Coast Blues n Roots Festival organizer Peter Noble caught Juzzie’s performance at said festival and personally invited him to perform at the 2006 East Coast Blues Fest: Juzzie Smith’s music is the result of a much journeyed osmosis of many genres and cultures. The common thread is what he describes as Good Vibes. It’s upbeat, groovy music designed to get toes tapping and to make you feel good. Three tracks off ‘Happy Daze’ have already or are currently receiving JJJ play. Distributed through Vitamin, full dispersion and promo for ‘Happy Daze’ kicks off Feb 1st. Soul food for the modern world, served up to you by Juzzie Smith. The Credits: Juzzie Smith started playing the harmonica at the age of thirteen, and by the age of 23 had won the coveted Golden Harmonica at the Tamworth Country Music Festival and the Byron Bay Blues Blowout twice, some of his credits to date include: * Australian National Harmonica Championships at Tamworth Country Music festival - Awarded a Golden Harmonica- as best Diatonic Harmonica Player- 1997, 2001, Tamworth Country Music festival – winner of busking championships 2006, Winner of the Annual blues blow out championships in Byron bay - 2001 and 2002. * 2005/6 Woodford Folk Festival, Bridgetown Blues Festival - November 2006, Gympie Muster - August 2006, East Coast Blues and Roots Festival - Easter 2006, Blues on Broadbeach - May 2006, East Coast Blues Festival - Byron Bay 1996/98, 'Splendor in the Grass Festival', and 'Big Day Out' with Couch Funk, Woodford Folk Festival 2001, 2002 with Shaded Faces, JigZag, Counterfeit Gypsies, and Jodi Martin, National Folk Festival - Canberra 1997, Frankston Guitar Festival - 1997, Goulburn Blues Festival - 1997, Lismore Folk Festival - 1997