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Hip Hop, Electronic

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egasm, 2deep, young glove bwise


So whats all the hype about?? K1 also known as Konnected as 1, are definatly bringing a whole new take on what is called Australian hip hop. Since they started in 2004, year after year their buzz has been spreading through the homes and streets of fans. If your not familiar with S.Y.D hip hop all you need to no and will hear about are these 4 mc's on a mission to develop a movement of good music. E gasm, 2 deep, B wise and Young glove show a strong unity through there music and stage presence, and now they have taken it to the next step by starting and running there own record label. Known as Certified Music Group directed by the K1, Mike champion and represented By Alan rojas. Signing themselves was the first step, it is now time for Australia and abroard to experiance step 2 - the high anticipated album "New Breed" which has been brewing in CMG studios for over 1 year. The time is Now coming keep in tune with the page for more news...